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the recipe for happiness

six things you should know - for a little more happiness and health

dear  patients, friends and nabos,

summer is here. according to the calendar, this has been the case on our side of the globe since june 21st. we have already got to know summer 2017. we have experienced its strength, felt the sunrays on our skin. it has showered us with gifts, but on the other hand, it has sometimes made us sweat. with heavenly balmy evenings and starlit nights. time to relax and recharge your batteries. just breathe deeply once again. summer - which is always something special, year after year. the first dip in the lake, the immersion into refreshing coolness, a completely different world. summer smells of roses, oleanders and lemons. and it presents us with special colors. clear light, green meadows, brightness and warmth, and thus effectively provides us with a wonderful guide to happiness. delivered to your door and completely without a prescription.

carrots: enormous health potential

eat yourself fit - because carrots have it all

vitamins from a can? experts agree that this is unnecessary. nature offers everything we need. admittedly, our bodies cannot produce essential substances by themselves. but carrots & co, fruit and vegetables of any shape and form, provide us with all that is needed – be that vitamins a, b, c, d, or k. however, for our bodies to absorb the goodness, it is important to know that there are differences among the vitamins. on the one hand, there are water-soluble vitamins, while on the other, there are fat-soluble vitamins. the latter are called ‘lipophilic vitamins’ in technical terminology. they are stored in fatty tissue and in the liver. and it is not unusual for this to happen over a period of several weeks. vitamins with a depot effect, you could say. this has an advantage: if we ingest fewer lipophilic vitamins over the short term - foregoing carrots, corn salad, or brussels sprouts, - this will have no ill effects thanks to the body’s own storage system. fluctuations have no direct effect on the metabolism. if we go back to eating salad and vegetables as usual, our storage systems will automatically fill up again.

the second major vitamin group are the water-soluble vitamins. this includes all the b-vitamins along with vitamin c. they are distributed in the areas of our bodies that contain water. for example, in the blood or cell spaces. these vitamins are rarely stored in the body. when there is too much, we simply excrete it. nature does all the work. we just have to bite hard.

the naturopaths and youtubers farid zitoun and christian rüger provide short, succinct info on this in their video and they even have a suitable recipe tip. why should you miss out on it?

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farid zitoun: “because contact is important"

happiness also means sharing love - cow cuddling

one-time snuggling for the soul

happiness also means sharing love, and thus doubling it. farid zitoun and christian rüger have so many special tips here. going on a cuddling course with cows is one of their absolute favorites. the nabo team has already come into close contact with the imposing four-legged creatures - or gentle giants. when was the last time that you really connected with the nature and our animal friends? with cow cuddling, you have the possibility to experience this very intensively once again. snuggling closely up to the animals with your fingers in their fluffy coats, listening to them breathe and feeling their warmth. their infinite serenity and calmness. an overwhelming experience. phenomenal and pure stress relief. in a wholly natural way that you don’t experience every day. has this awakened your curiosity? then just take a look at the official naturheilzentrum bottrop youtube channel, because we have captured this magical experience on camera for you. the health and lifestyle blog offers further informative healthcare knowledge, extending beyond this experience, e.g. why we should laugh more often and why this is healthy. we want good entertainment that is humorous and possesses added value. the current video blogs from the health experts impart a whole load of healthcare knowledge. up-to-date, compact and entertaining. so, just click, subscribe, and we’ll be happy to receive any comments.

cow cuddling constitutes 600 kilos of pure calm and serenity or cuddle factor xxl. you can read about why cow cuddling does you good and where you can go on extensive cuddling courses via the following link:

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the first-aid kit should always be there, not just for those visiting the tropics

summer tip: the natural first-aid kit for the home and on the road

which should always be at hand - not just for those who are visiting the tropics

the most relaxing time of the year is now just around the corner for one Person or another. the long-awaited holiday, vacation, or just a little time out. but before it starts, the packing must be done. of course, your bathing suit, the beach towel, and most importantly, some good sunscreen for the health of your skin belong in the travel bag. maybe also the mountain boots and the hiking map. but do not forget the first-aid kit amongst all your excited anticipation. it can sometimes be important and even if you only bring it along for peace of mind, you’ll be doing the right thing. in the best-case scenario, first aid can be immediately administered for typical travel sicknesses or minor scratches, and you’ll therefore be prepared for them. this allows you to enjoy your holiday and gives you a sense of security. farid zitoun and christian rüger know, from experience, what you should not forget to bring along under any circumstances. the two naturopaths have told us what they always have in their first-aid kit:

  • nux vomica (poison nut): it is supposed to be good for mild stomach pain or an upset stomach, nausea and bloating, and also for jetlag
  • cantharis (spanish fly): is often used for light sunburn. but it can also be used as a support for bladder infections and burning pains during urination.
  • arnica montana (mountain arnica): many will know this as an instant remedy to relieve bruises, contusion and hematomas after a fall. but in many cases, arnica montana can also be applied as a complementary treatment for lacerations and toothache.

incidentally, the naturopath, monika haase also has three other recommendations for how you can extend the holiday beyond the vacation.

so that the holiday feeling lingers

farid zitoun and christian rüger: “laughter is essential for your health”

healthcare knowledge: those who laugh regularly do more for their health

why it is important for everyone to laugh more

at naturheilzentrum bottrop, patients, employees, and friends swear that laughter supports the best medicine. already heard of this? because according to the statistics, every one of us spends six minutes a day laughing as part of the daily routine. there is talk of laughter. a physically quite strenuous process, and it’s also good that this is so. triggered by a stimulating force, which then galvanizes hundreds of muscles into action. from the facial musculature to the respiratory tract, the whole body is involved in full, hearty laughter. "it’s not called ‘doubling up with laughter’ for nothing," says the naturopath, farid zitoun. and christian rüger adds: "laughter is available without a prescription and has no side effects."

laughter makes you beautiful. it keeps us healthy, relaxed and helps us to reduce stress. the list of positive features associated with the laughter is long. this is also supported by scientific studies.

joy connects us all. laughter does too, and is considered a formula for good health. read about why we should all show our most beautiful smile far more often via the following link:

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naturheilzentrum bottrop creates lightness and limitless horizons

favorite mail - come along! lightness and limitless horizons

"the grass is greener when you water it" - a nice thought, isn’t it?

letters written from the heart have become rare, as we have discovered. therefore, it is important to us, here at naturheilzentrum bottrop, to maintain this tradition. have you already received a summer greetings card from us? it should put you in a good mood and ensure that holiday feeling. but above all, it should awaken delight in all that the summer time promises us in the coming weeks. whether it’s a vacation, time with the family, or simply getting some rest.

monastic medicine from hildegard von bingen – good for many things, but not for everything

carefree summer feeling - herbal medicine 2.0 or good to know

medicinal plants and herbs – for many things, but not everything

on hot days, many People can’t do without it. a car drive without air conditioning? almost unthinkable. and we are regularly "cooled down" when we’re flying off on vacation. even in the supermarket, at the optician, in the office or at the hairdresser, the air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures. but a note of caution: air conditioning also has its little pitfalls. they can commonly be the reason why we can catch a cold or summer flu. a sore throat, a cough, and a runny nose can be treated very well in the beginning with natural remedies, as is medically known. farid zitoun and christian rüger have been enthusiastically using their knowledge of the power of the plants for more than two decades. the formulas of the hildegard von bingen or monastic medicine are used at the naturopathic practice daily and are experiencing a real renaissance in society. her tip: sage leaves. from your own herb garden or the pharmacy. just pour hot water over them and enjoy it as a tea. you won’t have to wait long for the feelgood effect.

you can read about why thyme is not just a must in mediterranean cuisine and why herbs rank among the foremost healing remedies via the following link:

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naturheilzentrum bottrop – because PEOPLE are simply important

farid zitoun & christian rüger up close and Personal

because People are simply important

we actually take time for all the activities that extend beyond the normal practice work. sometimes we sit together on the weekend or until late in the evening and prepare information that we will make available to you. we lovingly choose the pictures that will reach you via our newsletters, the post, the nabo blog, or the nabo news, and we enjoy conjuring up smiles on your faces with the films we make for you. if we didn’t have many hardworking helpers by our side, we would not be able to achieve this. for example, our sonja hagen (who is responsible for the pictures) or christa herlinger (who supports us editorially) or nathalie dziwok (who has proven to be a specialist where technology is concerned) and there is also dijana djukanovic (who preorganizes everything for everyone beyond the everyday practice). our special thanks go to them.

we would now like to wish you, our dear readers, a lot of fun with this newsletter. in addition to these lines, we also send you our best wishes for your Personal summer aspirations, and we look forward to seeing you again after our little break.

together with ty greetings from bottrop

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