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modern health trends, health & lifestyle, fitness and nabomade® naturopathy. always keep up-to-date with the nabo newsletter, which includes many health tips, recipe ideas, reports on experiences, current appointments and exciting news from naturheilzentrum bottrop. the newsletter from the alternative medical healthcare facility appears four times a year with tips for a relaxing vacation in summer, for sporting activities, on how to increase the body’s defenses in winter as well as on the use of home remedies. in addition, the newsletter offers small thought-provoking ideas to facilitate everyday life or various recipes for nutritious smoothies. because our motto here is: prevention before rehabilitation. benefit from the wealth of experience that the complementary-medicine practitioners possess, and register for the newsletter. get up-to-date information on lifestyle, diet or events. health news, updates and trends at a glance - compact as well as convenient.

How you can stay healthy in 2021 despite the Coronavirus

For the healthiest and happiest start to 2021, we look back and give you helpful tips & tricks for everyday life.

You’ll get the best tips for your health in summer from us at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. All about home remedies for sunburn, juice cleansing, and much more!

newsletter from naturheilzentrum bottrop 2019

What a great, eventful, and exciting year it has been at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop (‘NABO’ for short). So many touching and emotional moments with a tear or two. Moments of joy and a lot of laughter. Once again, there were numerous encounters with you - filled with warmth, love, and appreciation. You are the ones who give us the ambition and boundless strength to do our best and much more every day. To stay more on the ball, to progress, and to be sustainable in terms of health and lifestyle. Our goal: to get ahead in the game, so that you can experience, see and read the facts and tips in the mainstream media ahead of time. In doing so, we are also restoring your confidence in us.

newsletter from naturheilzentrum bottrop 2018

An exciting year is coming to an end - and for most People, this is the time for reflection, rest, and retreat. For us at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop (“nabo” for short), the end of the year also offers the opportunity to review the past few months, as a lot has happened at nabo in 2018. For us, as in the years before, the encounters with People ranked first: whether it’s patients, guests or visitors - all contact in connection with our work is and was an experience which filled us with joy, pride, and gratitude once again this year.