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a special encounter and foundation

the fateful encounter of two People forms the corner stone of the renowned health institute in the heart of the ruhr region. at the beginning of the 1990s, farid zitoun and christian rüger met in the context of a naturopathic study. with their rich experience and on the basis of detailed planning, farid zitoun and christian rüger founded naturheilzentrum bottrop in the mid-1990s. in the rooms of an old printer’s shop from the era of industrial culture, being rich in tradition, a unique health center emerged which gained popularity very quickly, even far beyond the borders of bottrop, both nationally and internationally.

a successful vision

convinced of and inspired by the same idea, farid zitoun and christian rüger developed a common vision which has deeply left a mark on naturopathy up to today and is still unmatched: the nabomed® concept.

the nabomed® concept is an umbrella term for the combination of different, synergistically working therapy processes; it is individual, unique and elaborated, as well as permanently optimized by the two innovative therapists. the goal of this special treatment concept is the restoration of health and well-being, taking into consideration the holistic approach. the focus here is on activating the self-healing powers of each individual. and the Person is always the main element, with his or her own Personality and very Personal history.

farid zitoun and christian rüger are famous for their tailor-made and - above all - target-oriented concepts. they begin where conventional medicine reaches limits, whereas the useful and mutual support of the two different disciplines and approaches is paramount for their actions. with all their heart and full commitment. by further developing holistic medicine and combining traditional and modern attributes, the two founders have clearly set an example up to today, and they deliver convincing treatment results in the field of naturopathy.

an innovative institution

the connection of tradition and modernity makes naturheilzentrum bottrop an extraordinary institution. through complementing classical healing methods with state-of-the-art research and techniques, farid zitoun and christian rüger develop trend-setting therapy forms regarding a success-oriented treatment for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury, persistent vegetative state or stroke, among other things. individual formulas for a target-oriented support of the patients form an integral part.

taking one’s time intensively for patients and their relatives is of utmost importance to the corporate culture of naturheilzentrum bottrop, for specialists as well as for the whole team. because only this way it is possible to ensure an understanding of the context, in order to also consider triggers and backgrounds for the accurate diagnosis and cause analysis. patients appreciate the fact that they are always respected and valued at naturheilzentrum bottrop. the harmonious interaction, noticeable passion as well as the holistic view of the specialists enables the patients to completely relax and settle in their surrounding. they just feel good, which is – of course – in the interest of the nabomed® concept. for a balanced system being in harmony with body, spirit and soul.

thus, common boundaries are overcome and new zest for life is provided. the unique relationship to the patients provides the best basis for detailed conversations with them, in order to evaluate the individual symptoms and thus develop appropriate therapy possibilities. a sustainable and long-lasting improvement of the symptoms is farid zitoun’s and christian rüger’s top priority, with the goal to create considerable added value of life quality.

due to their merits, farid zitoun and christian rüger enjoy an excellent international reputation in the field of healthcare and also attract considerable media interest with their unique health concept. the two healers from bottrop permanently explore new paths and are supported by a competent team of interdisciplinary employees. the excellent service, the professional quality management as well as the health-enhancing and unique architecture highlight the requirements for the patients’ benefit at naturheilzentrum bottrop. wellness areas and lounges in the institute decelerate and provide room for recovery. the use of natural materials and colors creates a harmonious and salutary atmosphere whose effect is also applied during the color therapy. also, the background music is a very special one.

modern chill-out sounds of the specially produced cd “quality time” with its soothing sounds, beats and frequencies feature the in-house music therapy. in addition to that, a healthy indoor climate is created by an air conditioning which is designed according to ecological standards, ensures a pleasant sense of well-being and makes each visitor breathe deeply.

even beyond naturheilzentrum bottrop, the founders of nabo care about their visitors‘ well-being. they are committed to enabling the patients and their relatives to enjoy a comfortable stay in bottrop and its vicinity. for this purpose, the institution successfully cooperates with the city tourist information for accommodation and leisure activities. thus, the initiators of nabo promote the local economy and the region around bottrop, too.

continuous further education

farid zitoun and christian rüger place great emphasis on continuous further education and permanent exchange with other luminaries in the field of naturopathy. the two healers visit different continents in order to gather and pass on international knowledge. on educational trips they extend their greatest treasure: their know-how. especially in the field of eye acupuncture, they perform pioneering work by carrying out their own research projects. that is why the two founders of naturheilzentrum bottrop enjoy an excellent reputation as lecturers all over europe. they teach and impart their insights and thus show more and more People alternative solutions.

*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.